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Es Teler is a type of cold drink that consists of fresh fruits – jackfruit, avocado and coconut, with a special syrup mix that makes the drink superbly enjoyable and delicious.

In 1981, a lady called Murniati Widjaja, won an Es Teler making competition in Jakarta. It was from this competition that an idea arose – to open a humble tent warung in a terrace of a shopping block (Duta Merlin, now Carrefour Harmoni) in central Jakarta. 

This humble warung called Es Teler 77 is a family business, managed directly by Murniati herself, together with her husband, Trisno Budijanto, and their daughter and son-in-law, Yenny Setia Widjaja and Sukyatno Nugroho. 

In 1987, Sukyatno Nugroho franschised Es Teler 77, and with it establishing itself as the first genuine Indonesian fast food that applied a franchising system. 

Following the lifestyle trend, in 1994, all Es Teler 77 counters were moved from the kiosks to shopping malls and plazas. Es Teler 77’s presence in the modern shopping area broadens the Indonesian culinary horizon, with Es Teler 77 introducing the concept of fast food that provides Indonesian popular food and drinks. 

After almost 3 decades, Es Teler 77 continues to grow by serving high quality food and drink products with original recipe to customers all around Indonesia and abroad. 

With its 180 counters in different parts of Indonesia, Es Teler 77 not only improves the image of Indonesian culinary inside the country, but introduces Indonesian delicacy to other countries as well. Currently, Es Teler 77 is present in Singapore, Malaysia and Melbourne (Australia).